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Survey Consultants

As survey consultants, we specialise in designing and delivering online market research services in the UK, although we also conduct international surveys across multiple markets. We operate online panels in Asia Pacific as well as the UK.

Online Surveys

No matter what your business sector, we have the experience to build research services tailored to your business needs. We have particular experience in conducting online market research studies in the UK for Marketing and PR Agencies, but we also work directly with Branding Consultants, Market Research Agencies and Insight and Marketing Functions of end clients.

Research Experience

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Online and Public Opinion Polls

Our experience and services are well suited to the needs of PR Agencies, who need to run fast, flexible and affordable online surveys.
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Ad Testing Services

Need to run a survey to test an Ad or Creatives?
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Market and Consumer Insight
Map the market to explore needs, perceptions and behaviours.
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Product Testing
Test reactions to a new product, service or new concept.
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Market Segmentation
Build and understand key market and consumer segments.
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Brand and Brand Tracking
Brand awareness, perceptions, customer experience and brand tracking studies.
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