We work with in-house marketeers and Marketing Agencies to provide survey services for every need.

Marketing and Communications agencies have a broad range of needs to support their businesses and their clients. We offer flexible expertise and resources for every type of research related challenge. Whether you need a small study, some extra resource for an internal project or a major piece of research to support your campaign objectives, we can help.

Manage an Employee Survey

Script and manage survey Data tables Powerpoint report

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A Marketing agency needs to run an employee survey via the Human Resources department. Although the agency has internal capabilities and resource, they prefer to use an external provider to run the survey. It saves time and some managers prefer that the surveys appears to be run externally. They use Surveygoo to script and programme the survey from a final questionnaire designed in Excel. Survegoo also manage sending the survey invites, produce the data and design a report in powerpoint, using a template provided by the agency.

Advert Test in Asia

Script survey Translations Survey panel Data tables

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A leading food brand needed to conduct an ad test in several countries in Asia. Surveygoo programming teams translated the questionnaire, scripted the survey and ran the survey with panel partners in Malaysia and Singapore. A single set of data tables was produced in English. Surveygoo used a third party software tool to conduct the survey.

Consumer Attitudes to Healthy Ingredients

Design & Programme Survey Panel Full reporting

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A Marketing Agency specialising in food ingredients needed to run a multi national survey to delve into consumer perceptions of food health, the importance of ingredients and their willingness to pay for premium ingredients. The survey covered the UK, North America, South East Asia and South Asia.

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