Growing businesses have big ideas. But they don’t always have big budgets or infinite resource.

Research has many applications for start up businesses and ambitious SMEs. Unlike bigger, established organisations, small business often lack resources and budgets and the requirement to demonstrate ROI is ever present. Surveygoo understands the parameters of these challenges. We can offer fit for purpose research to support key aims, such as proof of concept, due diligence and product testing.

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Examples of projects to support startups and SME’s

We can’t often shout about the work we do in the Start Up space, for confidentiality reasons. But here are two examples of studies we have done to support businesses build new product concepts.


The My Car Mechanic (MCM) car app is a vehicle / diagnostics tool and scanner. Connecting via a smartphone, and a low cost adapter, the software is designed to provide real time car diagnostics for reliable car maintenance.

Surveygoo conducted an online survey with car drivers to gather valuable feedback on the product.

Bump Mark

Bump Mark is a food freshness checker, offered as a label on food packaging. It works using a unique gel in the label which reacts to the environment and tells the consumer when food is no longer fresh.

Surveygoo conducted an online survey with people responsible for food shopping, measuring shopping habits, attitudes to packaging and testing interest in the Bump Mark concept.

How Our Services Can Help Startups and SMEs

Surveygoo have supported a number of major pieces of academic research, as well as offered affordable online survey services to students. Here are two examples of studies we have done.

Affordable Research

Research can be expensive and time consuming. Our service is tailored to budgetary and organisational needs of smaller organisations.

Survey Panels

Survey panels are a fast and cost effective way to test product concepts and ideas with representative audiences.


We know how to design surveys to get results for your needs and are fit for purpose. We offer a one stop solution for quantitative online surveys.

Feedback. Calibrate. Demand. Proof

Our Approach

Data-driven proof of concept of products and services.


Use direct market feedback on your product or service.


Calibrate product features to maximise interest


Estimate likely take up and revenue levels.


Use data for proof of concept and secure investors.

We are members of trusted professional bodies in the market research industry