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Our Market Research Panels

Reaching audiences to conduct surveys and gather market insight is fast and affordable with SurveyGoo market research panels.

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Advanced Targeting

Reach Your Target Audience with our Research Panels

SurveyGoo research panels are a diverse and responsive community of people who take regular surveys and polls. There are many ways to create your own survey but reaching targeted audiences is more difficult. How to get survey responses that meet a particular target and within budget is a common challenge.

Because we profile our members against hundreds of data points about their interests, preferences and demographics, we can target our surveys against tight selection criteria. So whether you need to reach young mums, millennials, football fans or people who take frequent holidays, we can help. Bespoke surveys for targeted insight is in easy reach.

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Niche and General Demographics

B2B, B2C & Hard to Reach Audiences

Survey research panels are a convenient and reasonably simple way to gather consumer insight. Many demographics can be targeted from existing data profiling of panel members. Parents, drivers, graduates, homeowners or age and region and many other groups can be reached easily.

Other more niche demographics take more careful targeting approaches to reach. Business audiences, types of investor, ethnic minorities and very young age groups can often be reached but only with intelligent targeting.

Our UK Panels

SurveyGoo UK Market Research Panels

SurveyGoo run two survey panels in the UK: GooPoll and Opini Surveys UK. GooPoll is a survey community of more than 50,000 consumers and professionals in the UK, who take our polls and market research surveys.

- UK wide and Representative
- Profiled and Regularly Updated
- Engaged and Responsive
- Built with bespoke survey community manager

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International Reach

Multi-Country Panels

We operate 12 panels in the UK and Asia pacific, and work with dozens of local panel partners across the globe, allowing us to run regional or global surveys.

Our one-stop service means we manage the whole process of conducting multi-country surveys including translations, survey programming, sampling and data reporting.

Panel Quality

Data Quality you can count on

Data quality is essential to good research. Our panels are recruited from reliable and multiple sources and actively managed. Our panels are audited and poor quality panel members removed. We offer fair rewards and do not 'over-survey' panel members.

We only work with trusted third party panels with a proven record in data quality measures.

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Our Story

Evolving services & research tools

An integral part of SurveyGoo's commitment to delivering flexible, affordable, consultancy-based market research services is the ongoing development of in-house data & research tools.



Founded SurveyGoo with the aim of delivering affordable, flexible market research services.


First Panels Created

Opini Surveys online panels created in UK, and then later in US, Australia and South East Asia.


Community Platforms

Developed in-house community platform initially for SurveyGoo and subsequent GooPoll brand.


Survey Platform

Enhanced our panel management platform with an integrated survey design and analysis capability.

Our Values

The core values that drive everything we do

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Lean working and in-house survey tools designed to increase speed and reduce costs.

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Full members of the Market Research Society and the Independent Consultants Group.

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Quality Commitment

We adhere to the market research society code of conduct of good research practice.

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Partner Network

A team of data experts and communications experts, ready to use.

Our Offices

Come and visit one of our offices over the world

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Our Team

The amazing team behind SurveyGoo