Survey Panel Services

Audience - Buy Survey Responses

Get survey responses using our panels to conduct online surveys with consumers, business and international audiences.

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Our Process

A simple, yet effective three step process

Our flexible, client-centred approach is designed to make the process of running a survey, and meeting your data objectives as simple as possible.

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01. Survey Planning

We will work with you to find a cost effective way to target your audience and get the right survey responses.

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02. Data Capture

We will programme the survey, target audiences and get the required survey responses.

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03. Analyse & Report

We will provide the data you need in the format you want, from detailed data tables, to simple chart summaries.

Price Illustrations General Population

Pricing UK Surveys

Number Questions and Plan

1000 Completes

2000 Completes

Lite, 4-5 questions



Lite, 6-9 questions



Standard, 10 questions



Standard, 14-15 questions



Standard, 19-20 questions



Pricing Illustrations Targeted UK Demographics

Pricing UK Targeted Audiences

Number Questions and Audience

1000 Completes

2000 Completes

10 Questions, Car Drivers



10 Questions, Young People



10 Questions, Gamers (all ages)