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  • Campaign Review
  • Ideation and Headline Objectives
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Press release and Media Placement

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What’s Included

  • Survey Set Up
    Questionnaire design, survey programming and hosting in GooPoll, our polling and community platform.
  • Survey Responses
    Sample costs included in the fixed price.

Number of Questions

Cost for 1000 Completes

Cost for 2000 Completes







Number of Questions


Number of question answers per question


No. Grid questions included


Size of Grid questions

5 columns x 9 Rows

Number of ranking questions


Number of ranking options


Number skips/logic


Questionnaires outside this specification may incur additional costs or require adifferent plan

Sample types

UK General Population, representative target and b2b sampling


Data Tables (excel and pdf)

3 Breaks included: Age, Gender, Region

Headline Summary Reports from £200


Frequently Asked Questions

Some common FAQ's for Campaign+.

Is the price fixed?

Yes, if your survey is within the question specifications for the campaign plan agreed. We will review your draft questions or list of data/headline objectives and confirm which plan and fixed price is appropriate. If the scope changes later (e.g. additional questions or sample focus changes) we would advise on additional costs.

What are the core data outputs?

The main data outputs are data tables, which are produced online and provided in an offline, excel format. We also provide top level, summary charts of the survey data.

What is the advantage of using SurveyGoo to design and host our online survey compared with a free or existing survey tool?

Apart from saving you time, our team are experienced in online survey design, and will reduce the chances of making mistakes that individuals less familiar with setting up surveys.Our own polling platform was designed to optimise survey design, data collection and fast reporting of data. There are also options to get help with reporting outputs, saving you time to pick out the key themes and stories in the data.

What does the Campaign Review and Ideation include?

The team will discuss and review the objectives of the campaign. The review will include checking whether similar campaigns have been run, and advice on the extent to which the new campaign needs to be revised, if necessary. The ideation process builds on the campaign ideas to highlight data and question objectives, which underpins the questionnaire development.

How does the questionnaire design process work?

If you have a set of draft questions, or list of information objectives, we would review this and use it as a basis for designing the questionnaire. A draft version of the new questionnaire survey would be sent for client review. Once agreed the questionnaire would be programmed in our survey platform.

How is the survey set up?

Our hosting team will setup the survey. Once ready, a test link will be sent to review and provide any feedback. Onceapproved the survey will go live.

How long does it take?

The question design process could take between 2-7 days, depending on the length and complexity of questionnaire, and how long it takes for client approval. Fieldwork usually takes between 3-4 days. We can push things through quicker, but this may incur an additional fee.

Does Campaign include the costs of survey responses?

Yes, the fixed, agreed price includes the cost of the requested number of responses from the agreed sample audience as well as the cost of set up and reporting.

Do you offer other services like press releases and extra data reporting?

Campaign Pro includes the provision to write a press release and place it with target media.  If additional analysis and reporting is needed, such as headline reports, this can be arranged for an additonal fee.