UK Survey Panel

Surveygoo Panel is a community of more than 50,000 consumers and professionals in the UK, who take our polls and market research online surveys.

UK Wide & Representative

Built to be representative of all regions of the UK, and covers dozens of cities and towns.

Highly Profiled & Updated

Hundreds of Profile data points are collected, so we can target relevant surveys to our members.

Enagaged & Responsive

We don’t “over-survey” our members and they can set limits, so they remain engaged and ready to take surveys.

Built with Bespoke Panel Manager

We built our own panel platform with a mission to improve panelist engagement.

Reach Your Target Audience

Surveygoo panel is a responsive, highly profiled community of people who take regular surveys and polls.

Because we profile our members against hundreds of data points about their interests, preferences and demographics, we can target our surveys against tight selection criteria. So whether you need to reach young mums, millennials, football fans or people who take frequent holidays, we can help.

Take a look at our profile data for targeting surveys checklist.


General Population





Why use our survey panels?

We provide easy access to thousands of UK consumers, ready to take online market research surveys.

Take a look below at an example of an animated infographic we have produced.

Built for Quality

Key principles which underpins panel quality

Panel quality incorporates everything from systems, to management and fair treatment of members.


We actively monitor the quality and behaviour of panel member responses.


We use multiple recruitment sources and continually refresh the panel.


We treat our members fairly, in terms of rewards and customer service.


Our in house panel management platform is built to enhance panel quality.

Global and Local Online Survey Panels

We are comfortable working on single country as well as international surveys. As well as operating our own panels in the UK and Asia, we have developed a strong network of local panel companies alongside global providers.

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Do you need to run an online survey with consumers, the general public or specialist audiences? We can help reach UK and overseas panels through our survey panel services and tools.

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Ours are the Best Paid Online Surveys in the UK

Leading brands want to know your opinion on their products and services. Surveygoo panel rewards its members with a choice of cash or Amazon Vouchers. Surveys are short, fun to do and can be taken on mobile devices on the move or at home on your desk top.

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