Market Research Services

Insight and Measurement for any Business Objective

Brand Perceptions Research

Brand awareness, usage and perceptions.

One off and brand tracking research.

Product & Business Concept Testing

New business concepts and start up feasibility.

Product concept tests, and pricing.

Customers & Stakeholders

Customer, membership and employee perceptions.

Behaviour & needs, social attitudes and public opinions.

A Suite of Market Research Techniques


SurveyGoo offer a range of market research services using qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

Customers & Stakeholders

Survey Panels - Survey Scripting

Conduct large or targeted quantitative research studies with audiences in the UK or internationally. Understand public opinion, measure consumer need or brand awareness. Our in house tools provide a streamlined process for survey design, data capture and reporting.

Online Qualitative Research

Depth interviews - Semi Qual - Groups & Vox Pops

Qualitative research offers depth of understanding, the ability to uncover and explore issues. Test messages, adverts and products. Develop concepts and campaigns. We use a range of online qualitative research tools and techniques.

Conjoint research

Online Conjoint

Conjoint analysis is used to understand how people make choices between products or services, and what combination of features people like and are prepared to pay for. It is a powerful technique for product concept development or evaluation. SurveyGoo use Choice Based Conjoint.


Maximum Difference Scaling

Another technique used in online quantitative research to test market perceptions of product concepts is MaxDiff. The technique is suited to understanding the relative importance of attribute importance and conducted online.


Net Promoter Score

A technique originally developed by Bain & Company and Satmetrix, to provide a quick headline indicator of brand performance. NPS is widely used and suited to large scale surveys online.


Pricing Research Techniques

Pricing research for established and new products. We use a range of techniques including Gabor Granger, Max Diff and Conjoint.

Our Process

A simple process to deliver insight


Our approach to designing a bespoke market research project is based on a 4 step process.



Understand your needs, objectives and service levels required.



Question design and/or survey creation in our polling platform.



We connect the survey to our engaged panels via our polling platform.



Analyse the data, produce easy to read reports highlighting key insights.


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