Pricing Illustrations

Standard Polls

Prices for general population UK surveys

Standard polls include medium and longer surveys, that include scope for more complex programming, such as question routing, skips, and additional analysis breaks. It also includes nationally representative samples.

  • Nationally Representative Samples
  • Medium Length Questions
  • Medium Level Programming Complexity

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What’s Included

  • Survey Set Up
    Programming and hosting in GooPoll, our polling and community platform.
  • Quality Checks
    Review questions and edits.

Number of Questions

Cost for 1000 Completes

Cost for 2000 Completes

4 – 5






(Summary Charts included for surveys with 10 questions+)

Number of Questions


Number of question answers per question


No. Grid questions included


Size of Grid questions

5 columns x 9 Rows

Number of ranking questions


Number of ranking options


Number skips/logic


Questionnaires outside this specification may incur additional costs or require adifferent plan

Sample types

UK General Population, nationally representative samples.


Data Tables (excel and pdf)

4 Breaks included: Age, Gender, Region + 1 additional break (e.g. City or other required cross tabulation) Additional analysis breaks are charged at £30 per break.

Summary Charts included of top level data. E.g. Reports findings at a total sample level rather than by demographic segments.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some common FAQ's for our Standard Polls.

Is the price fixed?

Yes, if your survey is within the question specifications for the Standard plan. We willreview your draft questions and confirm whether there are any additional costs, or if it ismore cost effective or necessary to use our Standard or Premium plan.

What is Review Questions & Edits?

We will check the draft questions for correct spelling and whether the questions makesense, and can be understood by survey respondents. The Standard plan also includesediting and question redesign recommendations. This includes making suggestions forreformatting questions and answer options to make them more effective to addresspotential data collection or quality issues.

What is the advantage of using SurveyGoo to design and host our online survey compared with a free or existing survey tool?

Apart from saving you time, our team are experienced in online survey design, and willreduce the chances of making mistakes that individuals less familiar with setting up surveys.Our own polling platform was designed to optimise survey design, data collection and fastreporting of data. There are also options to get help with reporting outputs, saving you timeto pick out the key themes and stories in the data.

What do the reports look like?

The survey is reported as an excel document and pdf.

Will you review and suggest improvements of our questionnaire?

SurveyGoo provide impartial advice on your survey, including the most cost effectiveaudience sampling and a review of draft questions. The Standard plan includes Reviewquestions and edits.

How is the survey set up?

Send your finalised questions to us in word or a txt document. Our hosting team will setup the survey. Once ready, a test link will be sent to review and provide any feedback. Onceapproved the survey will go live.

How long does it take?

Usually between 3-4 days. We can push things through quicker, but this may incur an additional fee.

What is nationally representative sampling?

Under the Standard plan we offer nationally representative quota sampling and weighteddata tables to ensure the final results are fully nationally representative of the UKpopulation by age, gender and region.

Do you offer other reporting formats, like Charts?

Yes, we offer full charting in Powerpoint format, for an additional fee.