Research for PR Objectives

Get Media Coverage From Opinion Polls and Surveys

Data-Driven Media Coverage

SurveyGoo design and run credible surveys that explain and explore issues among business and the general public, that generate stories, media coverage and headlines.

Our projects have secured significant coverage across tradepress, specialist websites, national press and broadcast media.Over the last 12 months we have delivered campaigns thathave generated front page stories, often in excess of 200 pieces of "real" media coverage, and have helped shape policy.

Our ability to Target Audiences

Whatever the poll objectives, we have a local, national or international panel of respondents at our fingertips.

The size and diversity of our panel ensures that regardless of your campaign objective, we can get your survey or poll in front of the right audience, be it niche or expansive.

Deliver Projects at Speed and to Budget

We understand the need to work to tight timescales and budgets, without compromising on quality and outcome.

Whether you need a quick poll or a major piece of research to support your campaign objectives, we can help.

Create your Data Story

SurveyGoo has an array of data visualisation tools and services to illustrate your results in an impactful and accessible format. From simple infographics to interactive dashboards, we can ensure your data is easy to manage, easy to analyse and displayed in an informative and engaging way. Use our interactive dashboard tools to present research to clients. Or utilise our infographic tools to illustrate your press releases to deliver impact and engagement.

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Trusted By Marketing and Public Relations Consultants

"They understand what I need, and how best to achieve it"

Malcolm Hay

"Clear pricing, great value for money, fast turnaround"

Richard Clarke

"SurveyGoo are a brilliant research partner"

Katy Bloomfield

"They bring expertise and creative flair"

Penny Lukats

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SurveyGoo are a brilliant research partner

I count on them to turn projects around quickly, and help us analyse the findings.

Katy Bloomfield
Katy Bloomfield
Managing Director

Very efficient, with data clearly presented

We have worked with SurveyGoo for 7 years for our charity campaigns. I highly recommend them.

Nihara Krause
Nihara Krause
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

They bring expertise and creative flair

I value their strategic thinking and ability to work to tight timescales when needed.

Penny Lukats
Penny Lukats