Online Surveys Increasingly Used by Corporates

Quirks have just published their annual survey run among readers of the publication. The survey is based on 6,000 responses drawn from research buyers in the corporate world. Its a survey they have been repeating for 20 years so there are some great insights from tracking trends and changes in the industry. One key trend, exacerbated by the recession, has been the further decline in the use of telephone surveys, along with mail surveys and mall intercepts. By contrast, buyers have put increasing focus on online panels, online surveys and online omnibus services, largely due to ease and affordability of these solutions. Online interviewing has increased 40% since Quirks have tracked the survey in 2004. There has also been a 10% rise in the reported buying of panel services between 2006 and 2013. If you are interested in trends in market research methods, the Quirks report makes interesting reading.