Top Ten Survey Objectives DIY researchers are comfortable with

What are the types of online research survey in house and DIY researchers are most comfortable with? Lets not get into the debate about whether non research professionals are capable of running their own surveys competently. This is a theme we will return in the coming weeks. At Surveygoo recently we have been running various research exercises with users and non users of online survey tools with some very interesting results. We will share some of these soon.
One of the questions we were desperate to ask is what research objectives the “DIY researcher” is most comfortable with. Of course, the expertise of the individual has a huge bearing on comfort zones: HR managers gravitate towards employee surveys, PR folk are comfortable with polls, and Customer Service managers feel they can handle customer service feedback.
Here’s the top ten:

1) Customer Satisfaction
2) Employee survey
3) Customer service feedback
4) Polls and public opinion surveys
5) Brand Awareness
6) Pricing Research
7) Market segmentation
8) Brand perceptions
9) Product concept tests
10) Testing adverts and creatives