Branded & Outsourced Survey Services

Many PR and Marketing Agencies have clients who have a regular need to conduct surveys. In most cases working with a third party survey company builds trust and confidence. But in some cases agencies are looking for a White Label Solution. Surveygoo can provide a fully outsourced survey service to represent a client or an agencies’ brand.

What are White Label Surveys?

White label surveys are a way to brand and customise a survey. The most basic customised branding is to add a brand image or logo. But there are other options to provide a fully own-branded, customised survey.

Add your own logo

Add a company logo to the survey and reports

Custom branded weblinks


Custom branded survey themes

Bespoke themes to support your brand (e.g. background and added graphics)

Private domain web link

e.g. mycompanyurl/survey

Customised and Off the Shelf Survey Themes

White label survey questions being displayed on a computer screen

Our in house survey tool provides an affordable, flexible platform to create highly customised survey theme designs.

Individually Designed Surveys

Surveys grounded in rich design and imagery make an extra impact and increase survey participation.

We are members of trusted professional bodies in the market research industry