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White Label Surveys

What are White Label Surveys?
White label surveys are a way to brand and customise a survey. The most basic customised branding is to add a brand image or logo. But there are other options to provide a fully own-branded, customised survey.

Add your own logo
Add a company logo to the survey and reports

Custom Branded Survey themes
Apart from the range of off-the-shelf customisable theme designs, we can design new, bespoke themes to support your brand or logo (e.g. background colours and added graphics). More on themes >

Custom Branded Web Links
Modify the survey links to include your brand, or project name. e.g. app.surveygoo.com/my brand or my-surveys.net/my project

Private Domain Web Links
Host the survey on a new branded url. e.g. mycompanyurl/survey
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