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SurveyGoo has experience of working in a wide range of business sectors, covering consumer, business and not for profit.

Consumer, Public & Business Research


SurveyGoo are fortunate to work with many different business sectors including Automotive, Education, Not for Profit, PR and Marketing, Food & Ingredients, and Business Research. We work with start ups, charities, consultancies, big and small business.

PR & Marketing

Data and polls for PR and Marketing objectives.

Digital Content

Create unique content for PR and Marketing.

Food & Health

Research drinks, food & ingredients.

B2B Research

Business and B2B audiences.

Not for Profit

Research for Charity PR Campaigns.


Understand the needs of motorists.


Understanding the Education Sector.


Research for start ups and growing businesses.

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Trusted By Marketing and Public Relations Consultants

"They bring expertise and creative flair"

Penny Lukats

"They understand what I need, and how best to achieve it"

Malcolm Hay

"Clear pricing, great value for money, fast turnaround"

Richard Clarke

"SurveyGoo are a brilliant research partner"

Katy Bloomfield

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