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2023 Survey
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2023 Survey

37% of Britons Say They Don't Get Enough Sleep. Does the UK have a Sleep Problem?

SurveyGoo surveyed the Nation to look at sleep habits and behaviours

Sleep is increasingly being seen as a crucial part of a healthly lifestyle, alongside good diets and regular exercise.

Survey Finding Highlights

The ...

food inflation
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Tracker Survey 2021 - 2022

As Inflation Bites, Consumers Cut Back On Groceries

SurveyGoo Tracker Survey shows increasing sensitivity to inflation for Groceries

As inflation continues to impact the price of groceries in the UK and USA, our tracker survey, conducted with Food PR agency, Ingredient Communications, indicates consumers are cutting back on groceries. ...

public policy cost of living
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Public Policy

UK Poll on Government's Performance

Is the Government doing enough to tackle the cost of living crisis?

The so called "Cost of Living Crisis" is a story that has been building and is very much in the everyday conversation in 2022 and 2023, and probably beyond. We ran a survey among 2,006 GooPoll members in June 2022.

We ...

brand sensitivity
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Brand Sensitivity

A Poll About Public Sensitivity

How important is brand sensivity to national events such as Father's Day or Mother's Day?

We asked our panel about this shift in communication from brands, and the results were surprising. Our survey concluded that the perceived upset is greater among those whose parents are still alive than those ...

electric cars
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Net Zero

Is Cost A Big Barrier to the Adoption of Electric Cars

The Government is trying to encourage mass adoption of electric cars. But are they too expensive?

The idea that electric cars in the UK are too expensive for most people is not a new suggestion. With high costs of charging and the initial purchase price being much higher than ...

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Cinema vs Streaming

A Poll about Cinema Attendance

The poll, conducted in October 2021, was run among a nationally representative sample of 1,018 people in the UK.

If you want to read our blog about this survey, you can find it here: Changing Attitudes to ...

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One-third of respondents are less likely to buy a product with at least one ingredient they do not recognise

This survey takes a look at the impact of recognised and unrecognised ingredients on consumer interest in food products. The survey was undertaken with our partners, specialist PR agency, Ingredient Communications.

Survey ...

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Marketing Strategy

Survey of Marketing Decision Makers Priorities 2020

SurveyGoo conducted a survey for video company, Topline Film, to explore what marketing priorities were being planned by marketing decision makers in 2020.

The survey was conducted among 250 senior marketing decision makers in the UK, across a range of sectors, type (b2b and consmer) ...

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